5 healthy gifts for Christmas

A different and original way to show your love and affection to your loved ones is to make them Christmas presents focused on your health, beyond the typical presents that occur in this holiday season.

Healthy gifts, such as a pleasant stay in a spa, for example or a homeopathic or massage session, can leave you as a new person and impact on your own well-being. You can even make it a routine and ask it to be the only thing you get.

For those people who think only of clothes or tennis when talking about healthy gifts, in GetQoralHealth we give you some examples of those that directly affect the health of your loved ones or your own:

1. Relaxing stays . They are ideal gifts for couples, parents or friends. There are packages that range from two days to a whole week in hotels specialized in wellness and health. A few days of relaxation will be wonderful and you will always appreciate it.

2. Massage sessions . The variety of massages is infinite: from hydromassages or homeopathic, to full body or specific areas. Choose the one that best suits the person to whom you will give the gift. It is ideal for those who suffer from stress, fatigue and back or head pain, among other ailments.

3. Health and beauty treatments . A simple skin cleansing or an alternative therapy that attacks health problems without the need for surgical interventions, will always be well received to consent. In addition, they are an original way to give, you only need to advise you to be with specialists and in the best conditions.

4. Other fashions are gifts with healthy eating . From a gourmet meal in a restaurant that uses organic food, to guides, seeds, utensils and advice to start your own garden.

5. Courses to learn new therapies or techniques are a good option . You can also consider giving sessions with a personal trainer to get fit or courses of the latest fitness trends, such as Latin dances, and even some of the new gadgets with apps designed for weight loss or exercise.

In addition to these alternatives, experts recommend Christmas gifts that stimulate brain functions and increase cognitive reserve; that is, those that stimulate brain activity and keep the person mentally active.

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