5 mistakes that make you gain weight!

Why is it important to interpret the ingredients of the products? This habit not only helps you make healthier choices, it also prevents you from gaining weight due to excessive consumption of saturated fats, calories and sodium; however, there are some errors when reading the labels that can affect the figure.

A study of universities of Santiago de Compostela, Tennessee and the Agricultural Economics Research Institute of Norway, It suggests that the body mass index of people who read the labels can be 1.49 points less than those who do not take this information into account.

However, sometimes our reading of nutritional labels can be erroneous, when interpreting the data incorrectly, which directly affects our weight and figure.


5 mistakes that make you gain weight!

1. Wrong information. Some products, especially those processed, display fictitious information on their ingredients, so you should pay close attention to the amounts that are displayed and compare them with other foods.

2. Trust the low calorie products. The products can display a number of calories according to a certain portion, but most people eat more than one serving, says the American Heart Association.

3.  Confusing terms Many people avoid buying foods rich in sugar, corn syrup or fructose, however, manufacturers use terms to confuse consumers as "corn sugar."

4. Reduced in sodium? A label can show this legend, but the reduction is minimal, so you must take care of the portions you eat.

5. Eat more than one serving. The labels show the information of a portion, that is, if you eat three pieces of a food from that package, you must add the quantity by three.

At the beginning it can be a bit difficult to understand so much data, however, with practice it will be easier to do the calculations. Also, think that this measure will help improve your habits and maintain a body like you always dreamed. And you, do you read the nutritional labels or do you trust the low-calorie legends?

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