10 tips for eating out with diabetes

Having diabetes should not be synonymous with limits to enjoy the activities that please you or leave the routine; For example, there are some tips to enjoy a meal away from home.

According to the Mexican Diabetes Federation , there are establishments or restaurants that have all the services to give excellent and hygienic attention to people suffering from the disease, especially to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.

However, you must do your part to choose a balanced diet and follow the following tips:

1.- Restaurants: Choose those that have a la carte service, where you can choose most of the menu, and avoid fast foods.

One of the advantages of choosing this type of places is that they are varied and compatible with your habits, and you can control the consumption of calories and fats.

2.- Balances your meals: If you are eating out, try to make the rest of your food healthy and rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread and low-fat dairy products.

3.- Simple foods : Choose simple prep meals like steamed vegetables and baked chicken. If you have questions about a dish, ask the waiter how the preparation is.

4.- Replaces: If there are trimmings with excess calories or carbohydrates in your food, ask the waiter to change it for something more nutritious.

5.- Take care of the portions: Some restaurants usually serve large portions, to avoid the excess, ask for half a portion or share the complete ration with someone, you can also ask for it to take away.

6.- Beware of law firms: With these options you should pay attention to the ingredients that each dish has and choose the portion you will eat. Remember to choose prepared foods in a simple way.

7.- Things separately: Sometimes sauces or dressings are very spicy or salty, so order them separately and use small portions.

8.- Drinks: Choose drinks reduced in sugar or without it. There are different varieties of soft drinks of this type and you can even ask for a fruit water without sugar.

9.- Forget about the desserts: For a person suffering from diabetes, the desserts of restaurants are not at all safe, as they are high in calories.

10.- Schedule the meal time with the medications: It is important that you do not alter these schedules to obtain maximum benefit from the treatment and avoid changes in glucose levels.

The Mexican Society of Nutrition and Endocrinology ensures that people with diabetes can eat away from home if they select foods that control blood glucose levels, are low in fat or salt, and avoid alterations in the normal diet.

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