Epilepsy affects 2 million people in Mexico

At least 2% of people worldwide live with epilepsy and it is known that in Mexico, around 2 million individuals suffer from this disease, said the neurologist Sergio Córdova doctor Neurology Service of the Spanish Hospital of Mexico .

Cordova, said that the epilepsy is a group of numerous disorders and / or brain diseases , which are characterized by the recurrent presence of seizures or epileptic seizures.

According to the neurologist of the Spanish Hospital in Mexico, there are 3 factors that can trigger this disease:

1. Brain injuries at birth: "That is, when there are dangerous births or cesaries in which the baby was hurt with a pincer, etc. "2. Cerebral Cysticercosis . "It's the presence of larvae of Taenia solium, commonly known as solitary, in the central nervous system and affecting the human brain "3. Injuries from head injury.

The epilepsy It is not hereditary, nor contagious, and it can occur at any age. It gives equally to men and women: "It originates from some brain affectation or from certain genetic alterations," said Córdova.

Epileptic episodes

Some of the characteristics of the epilepsy , are:

1. Involuntary jerking2. Alterations in the senses3. Accelerated heart rate4. Incontinence5. Feelings of unreality6. Foam in the mouth7. Distorted images or sounds

The neurologist Córdova, said that the ideal is that when alert for any of these symptoms, go to the doctor, who must confirm or eliminate the diagnosis: "You should know the patient's medical history, perform blood tests and practice a electroencephalogram , a tomography and / or magnetic resonance ".

The former head of the Epilepsy Clinic of the National Institute of Neurology and Neurovirgy, reminds you that this March 26 is celebrated on World Epilepsy Day , in order that people become aware of this disease and eliminate the stigma or social rejection to which people living with epilepsy .  

Video Medicine: UNM Hospital: Epilepsy Center (December 2022).