5 ways to burn fat in a short time

There is no magic recipe for lose weight and burn fat. However, there is a basic equation that Emma-Leigh Synnott of MBBS suggests: energy-calories vs calories eliminated. This is the main foundation for lose weight . To achieve your goal, GetQoralHealth suggests these tips

1. Move: In these times it is very difficult to have a routine of exercise. Therefore, it is important that you try to move as much as you can. If you are in the office, every two hours, get up and take a walk. At home, you can go super walking or doing housework.

2. Incidental exercise: The exercise is one of the most important things you can do to get results, and small doses of burning calories they can help. Walk to work, take public transport, climb the stairs, park a few blocks from the super, etc. Anything you can do to add movement to your day is beneficial.

3. Honesty: All advice only works if you are honest with yourself. Without honesty when tracking your diet , or overestimate the amount you are exercising, you will end up making a lot of effort for nothing and feeling frustrated by the lack of progress.

4. Use simple tools: You do not need big appliances or the best technology to lose weight . A rope is effective as part of your training. Stay agile and control your breathing as you make 50 jumps, 100 or more without getting tangled up.

5. Variety: For a high impact workout that speeds up your metabolism , alternating cardio and resistance training in circuits. For example, alternate 5 minutes of exercises cardiovascular, immediately changes by a circuit of weights and military press, where each exercise for eight repetitions. This complete circuit can be repeated two or three times.

Follow these tips and you will soon notice results. Avoid the subsistence allowance strict that promise to eliminate many kilos in a short time, in the long term can be counterproductive. Beware!

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