Fat on thighs less harmful to health

After providing ice cream, sweets and energy drinks to volunteers to gain weight, the scientists of the Mayo Clinic discovered the mechanisms by which it accumulates body fat.

An increase in Abdominal fat, Apparently, it increases the risk of metabolic diseases, while excess fat in the lower part of the body (thighs, for example) seems to decrease that risk.

About, Michael Jensen , endocrinologist of the Mayo Clinic and lead author of this study indicated: "The cellular mechanisms are different. The accumulation of Abdominal fat occurs due to the growth of size of each cell, while the accumulation of fat in the lower or femoral part of the body is due to a greater amount of fat cells ”.

In this study, the scientists enrolled 28 volunteers, who for eight weeks were fed excessively with giant-sized candy, milkshakes, high-calorie beverages and ate everything they wanted.

The participants gained an average of 2.5 kilos of body fat in the upper part of the body and 1.5 kilos in the lower part.

However, the idea that the ability to produce fat cells In the lower part of the body, it benefits some kind of protection for the upper part and helps to avoid metabolic diseases that can lead to diabetes and other complications.

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