1. They speak ill of the prospect

Every time Monica started dating someone, Adriana made derogatory comments about him, that he was ugly, fat, unfriendly or silly. Both had a routine of activities that was threatened every time a suitor appeared and for that reason acted for to ruin the relationship of the other.

The appearance of a new love can mean a threat to your other relationships, and friends get to be so jealous as the "lovers" despised, to the extent of causing conflicts in your love relationships, says Gerry Heisler , clinical psychologist in an article of Psychology Today .

It is logical that you think that your friendships they only worry about seeing you happy, but there are some signs that can betray that they are really ruining your love life . Take them into account if you have not been able to maintain a relationship for a long time.


1. They speak ill of the prospect

You go out with someone you really like, but your friends tell you it's hateful or ugly, to the point that they make you think you made the wrong decision. Take into account that once you start to reflect It is easy to convert the "blue prince" into the "ugly toad".

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