7 tips to overcome fear in a new relationship

A couple is an experience, it changes the way you see and live life; However, sometimes it leaves fears that prevent you from starting a new relationship, especially enjoying it.

These may be fear of abandonment and invasion; both can generate great anxiety in the person leading to actions that affect their new relationship and their self-esteem, as indicated Silvia Salinas , co-author of the book "Love with your eyes open."

If your desire is to start a new relationship, GetQoralHealth It presents 7 tips that can help you achieve it:

1. Recognize your fears. It consists of knowing what your fears are and looking at them face to face: fear of abandonment, rejection, being alone, losing your freedom or identity.

2. Being afraid of relationships does not mean there is something wrong with you. Inviting another person to be part of your life is very important. It is natural to be afraid of such a change in your personal life.

3. Talk to your partner about your fears and theirs. If you know that your partner is especially sensitive to abandonment and you know what your behaviors may lead you to fear, you will know how to say certain things without your partner feeling threatened.

4. Do not be impatient. Find a partner for the desire to have it. There is a difference between finding your partner and finding someone you would like to be your partner. Do not look for a relationship just because all your friends have one or because you think that at this age you should be dating.

5. Try not to despair or give up. Do not blame yourself, accept these feelings as natural, do not despise yourself for that. Fear is something difficult to overcome, it takes time and a lot of work.

6. Have confidence in yourself. If you really want a relationship, you can find it. But do not belittle yourself for being afraid. Everyone is afraid of change.

7. Recognize when a fear is activated. When your partner reacts in a way that is totally out of place, or exaggerated, it is probably because something has happened that has triggered one of your deepest fears. Take this opportunity to recognize it and try to discover what fear it is.

Fears are part of life as well as a new relationship. Do not miss the opportunities and enjoy!

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