5 cares vs increase of graduation

When a person uses lenses, whether frame or contact, you should have better eye care, to avoid changes in your vision such as increased graduation.

According to National Eye Institute (INE), changes in vision can occur with aging, but some habits can lead to refractive errors such as myopia and farsightedness, which can be corrected with the use of lenses.

However, you must take special care to prevent the graduation in your lenses advance and generate a complication of these errors. Know them!

1.- Correct use of lenses: It is important that you use lenses that have an appropriate graduation, because otherwise you can damage your eyesight. You should also follow your doctor's recommendations, especially when you have bifocal lenses.

2.- Eye movements: According to the portal Innatia , eye exercises serve to stop the deterioration of sight. For example, stare at the wall, without moving your head imagine that you are writing about it, that is, trace the letters with your eyes.

3.- Eye exams. The INE ensures that complete eye exams help detect any disease that may damage the eye. In this case, it also helps to maintain control of your graduation.

4.- Rest your eyes: When you work on a computer or keep your eyes on something for a long time, blink and take breaks to focus your eyes at a distance.

The doctors at Angeles Hospitals recommend taking one minute for every 15 to reduce eye fatigue, which may favor increased graduation.

6.- Surgery: One way to reduce ocular gradation and prevent its increase is laser surgery. It is recommended that certified doctors do it to prevent secondary problems.

INE specialists point out that through symptoms such as blurred vision, problems reading at certain distances, headaches and visual fatigue, you can find out if your ocular graduation is correct or has undergone some change. And you, do you have a healthy view?

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