Mustard oil vs hair loss

The mustard is a plant whose leaves, seeds and oil, due to its diverse properties, has different therapeutic applications, among them it stands out that it has been used as a treatment to prevent hair loss.

The oil of mustard , which is obtained from the seeds, is a natural remedy widely used against hair loss thanks to one of its compounds, the allyl isothiocyanate , according to

This organic substance improves and increases the circulation of blood, as well as its flow to the scalp, ensuring that all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong reach the follicles.

The oil of mustard It is extracted from black mustard seeds, which have been macerated in warm water by steam or distillation.

The application of oil mustard It is easy. It should be applied moderately through massaging the scalp, then left on for three hours and then washed with plenty of warm water.

Mustard increases the volume of hair and also gives it softness and shine, but it is important to note that the oil is not present in fresh or powdered seeds, so the preparations made with them do not contain allyl isothiocyanate .

In addition to oil mustard , consuming its seeds in warm water increases blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation, which is just as beneficial against hair loss.

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