Why does it hurt?

Even though innumerable people sleep peacefully feeling the body of their pet Near them, a new Mayo Clinic study suggests that this habit increases the alterations of the dream .

In the investigation presented during theXXIX Annual Meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies , discovered that the number of people with alterations of the dream due to pets.


Why does it hurt?

An earlier study of Mayo Clinic and published in 2002 reported that only 1% of pet owners who attended the Sleep Center , reported having some nocturnal inconvenience due to pets.

However, the new study reveals that the number of affected patients registers an increase of 10% in 2013.

The doctor Lois Krhan, Mayo Clinic psychiatrist and author of the study, says that "it was determined that although the majority of patients did not believe that pets disturbed their sleep intolerably, a greater percentage of patients did feel irritation, which could be linked to the largest number of households with several pets.


"When people have these types of sleep problems, sleep specialists should find out if there are pets and help patients discover ways to make the most of their sleep. dream ”. 

Between August and December 2013, 110 consecutive patients from Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine Center in Arizona , reported that they slept with pets at night, as part of a complete sleep questionnaire.

The questions asked the type and amount of pets, where they slept, any behavior worthy of comment and if they bothered the patient.

The survey reveals that 46% of patients owned some pet and 42% of them had more than one pet. The most popular were dogs, cats and birds.

The type of concerns that the patients had about the pets consisted of snoring, whining, walks around the house, the need to "get out" and medical problems. And you, do you sleep with your pet?

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