5 appliances that affect your health

It is a fact that appliances They changed the life of the human being, they made everything simpler and faster. It would be hard to imagine our daily life without refrigerator, hair dryer or T.V. Therefore, it is important to take precautions regarding its use.

All devices generate electromagnetic fields and release the ambient Two types of radiation: the "ionizing" and the "non-ionizing". To measure the magnitude of radiation, a universal measurement called Micro Telsa (MT) is used. In our homes we are surrounded by non-ionizing radiation that can produce, in addition to environmental pollution, Negative effects at ourHealth .

According to the World Health Organization and the International Center for Research on Cancer, Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by our household appliances can lead to the generation of Carcinogenic cells .

Reducing the prolonged use of the following appliances will be a measure of prevention against possible damage to your health .

1. The television. It generates an electromagnetic field of 50MT. There are scientific reports that ensure that this radiation intensity can alter the permeability of the cell membranes if you stay a long time in exhibition. In addition, watching television for prolonged use may generate signs of depression .

2. Computers . They produce electromagnetic fields at different frequencies; however, liquid crystal displays brake damage significant The new generation computers have conductive screens that reduce the static field of the screen to a level similar to normal. However, its prolonged use can cause disorders in the nervous system Y eye injuries .

On the other hand, place the Laptops directly on your thighs puedand provoke you from minor burns until skin cancer for prolonged exposure to heat, according to the study of University Hospital of Basel , in Switzerland.

3. Microwave oven. Three centimeters from distance generates a radiation of 200 MT. Between its effects it can produce alterations in the cardiac rhythm and the sanguineous pressure, as well as alterations in the cellular metabolism.

4. Hair dryer . It is used by many women every morning in periods of 10 to 30 minutes, at a distance of less than 20 centimeters. What is not known is that it emits 80MT, being one of the devices with greater electromagnetic power . In addition, some of them generate a Sound Pressure Level (NPS) of 80 decibels, which can damage your auditory membrane after prolonged use.

5. Mobile phone. They emit radio frequencies (RF) and are usually 1000 times higher than those of any other device; However, there is no research that claims that its use could cause greater damage than the overheating of the cells when approaching it to our face.

Although it has not been determined that there is a risk, the absence of data on its use for 15 years justifies further research on its use and the risk of cancer in the brain . Currently the WHO promotes research in groups of young boys and is evaluating the health impact of RF fields.

For the ones appliances not be harmful to the Health , it is recommended to make a moderate use of them and to a distance not less than 90 centimeters.

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