Lose weight while balancing your pH

The weightloss , through the detoxification and elimination of excess liquids and other elements, is one of the benefits of diet alkaline However, the alkaline diet it does not have an end in itself lose weight .

The alkaline diet is one in which acidic foods are suppressed and a diet based on fruits and vegetables is promoted, which ultimately produces the weightloss . However, like many of the subsistence allowance They eliminate certain nutrients, should be done for a short period and under the supervision of a specialist to prevent other consequences, such as anemia in the long run.

Among the benefits of a alkaline diet are found, according to euroresidentes.com:

1. It improves the muscular and bony system of the organism
2. Improves the cardiovascular system
3. Helps maintain optimal levels of calcium in the blood
4. Avoid inflammatory problems
5. Prevents migraines
6. Prevents arthritis.

The alkaline diet to balance the functioning of your body by balancing the pH levels in it. The organism works by maintaining a pH balance of the different organs. This pH can be acid, when it is less than 7, or alkaline, when it is greater than 7.

The weightloss in a balanced way, and without bouncing, is achieved with the alkaline diet thanks to the diet based on the preferential consumption of fruits, vegetables, roots, legumes, nuts and tubers.

However, it can also be done partially, combining those foods that contain acids, such as meats, dairy and flours, with those mentioned above. In itself, the main restriction in this type of diet lies in processed foods, with preservatives or sausages.

Remember that in addition to following this diet always with the doctor's supervision, diet Alkaline is contraindicated for patients with renal insufficiency, heart disease or diseases whose medication affects potassium in the body.

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