What is glycine?

Do not you know how to regulate blood glucose? The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) launches a dessert called Health-Ice that will help you control these levels, activate your immune system and fight free radicals.

Health-Ice It is recommended for diabetic people, because it is an ice cream enriched with blueberries and added with glycine , which helps regulate the level of glucose in the blood. In addition, it is low in calories, so it can be consumed without fear of gaining weight.

The product was prepared by the students of the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB), René Flores Ponce, Roberto Carlos Gutiérrez Rojas, Alejandro Hernández Munguía, Emanuel Lima Martínez, José Alfredo Martínez Gallegos and Luis Sergio Muñoz Cerrillo, who indicated that besides the mentioned properties, the glycine It is an activator of the immune system.


What is glycine?

The glycine added to the ice cream called Health-Ice, acts as cellular protector in conjunction with anthocyanins and carotenoids from cranberry, because they counteract free radicals, which reduces the risk of diseases caused by this type of molecules.

It even prevents the non-enzymatic glycosylation of proteins, which results in a slower cellular aging, that is, in a beneficial "shock absorber" for diabetics who have an accelerated aging, because their body generates more free radicals than the body. of a healthy person.

This product went through sensory tests, because the level of acidity, sweetness and texture, are decisive for a product to be pleasant to the palate. And you, would you like to try this ice cream that regulates blood glucose levels?

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