Rejuvenates with antioxidants

Do you want to show off radiant skin, strengthen your immune system and look better? Then, you need to consume more products rich in antioxidants . These substances protect your dermis from free radicals, so your skin will be younger and more radiant.

You can find this type of minerals in various fruits such as blueberry , Apple , blackberry and in the acai , which apparently is the default with more power antioxidant of the world.

At a press conference, Guadalupe Arceo , member of the team Jugos del Valle , commented: "We managed to expand our range of beverage options with fruit for different times of the day. Reservation ANTIOX, hydrates and provides the additional benefit of antioxidants , besides that we want to invite people to live with the best attitude, by adapting an active and balanced lifestyle. "


Know the properties of Acai

1. It is estimated that it has almost 33 times more content antioxidants than a black grape.

2. It provides a lot of vitality and resistance, so it is very "appreciated" by athletes and active people.

3. Rejuvenates, because it fights the free radicals .

4. The acai It is beneficial to purify and detoxify the organism.

5. Your content ellagic acid , helps fight bacteria and viruses.

6. Its contribution of fiber and high content of fatty acids, allow the bad cholesterol in your body to decrease.

7. Help fight the constipation and stomach inflammation.

However, the antioxidants do they work  better when you have a nutritional balance and perform some type of exercise. Here's a video of the Spanish Society of Cardiology , where they explain that the physical activity increases the antioxidants of the body:

Remember that a good source of products antioxidants it's the fruits, vegetables and vegetables. If you add the right hydration to this, you can wear a healthy and radiant dermis. Beware!

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Video Medicine: This green herb with powerful of ANTIOXIDANTS to regenerate and rejuvenate your body (May 2024).