Wrinkles reveal the health of the bones in women

Bad news for women who in the 40s and 50s have begun to see wrinkles in the mirror; a new study indicates that these expression lines can give clues as to how your health is bones .

The worse the case is wrinkles less Bone density exists. This discovery could open the possibility of identifying in the postmenopausal women risks of fractures , without having to resort to expensive tests, says the researcher Lubna Pal , endocrinologist specialized in reproductive health, in the School of Medicine of Yale University, in the United States.

Dr. Pal and her team studied more than 100 women between 40 and 50 years of age and analyzed the wrinkles on your face and neck , based on the depth of the expression lines. They also measured the firmness of the skin in front and cheeks, and the density of bone mass with an X-ray analysis.

Women with Worst wrinkles had less bone density compared to the volunteers who had the skin softer and firmer. Apparently, the bones and skin they share some types of proteins, better known as collagen . The collagen count tends to decrease with age and it begins to affect our skin and our bones.

The results were presented to the annual meeting of The Endocrine Society in the city of Boston. However, more specialized studies are needed to determine the link between the two factors, Pal said.

Source: My Health News Daily.

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