Practice them and notice the difference!

A confident woman is more attractive, it is also easier to achieve your goals, but how can you acquire that security and self-confidence?

There are some disciplines for women who help them develop these qualities, that is, trust, security, control their emotions and enjoy life to the fullest.


Practice them and notice the difference!

According to different studies, there are disciplines that promote their "empowerment" and make them safe, disciplined and happy women with their lives.


  1. Pole Dance . The resistance that is made in this discipline increases the superior strength of the body and mobility; you increase the firmness of the chest and delineate your curves. In addition, you increase your self-esteem, improve your body image, according to Johanna Lovera, director of Yoni Shakti.
  2. Meditation. According to specialists from Mayo Clinic, This discipline frees you from stress, increases your self-awareness, helps you control negative emotions.
  3. Yoga . The specialist in this discipline, Collen Saidman, it indicates that it offers reflection, joy, acceptance, flexibility and increases the self-esteem of women.
  4. Jiu Jitsu . This Japanese martial art teaches women to defend themselves, while they burn calories, improve their posture. This technique as self-defense should be used in extreme cases of need, detail the Mexican Jiu-Jitsu Federation .
  5. Kick boxing . Mix the boxing technique with martial arts. It consists of giving blows, knees, kicks, quick movements. It even teaches you to control emotions and burn calories.

If you mix two or three of these disciplines you can improve your empowerment as woman . In addition, your self-esteem will always be intact and that will reflect when you walk or express yourself towards others. And you, how do you control your emotions?

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