According to World Happiness Report 2013, published by the Earth Institute of Columbia University , Mexico ranks number 16 among the countries with the greatest happiness, above the United States.

The economic ups and downs, lack of freedom and instability are some of the elements that influence this feeling, but can you be even happier with these elements against?


"Decisions that change your life"

For Lisabeth Saunders, Psychologist, being happier is in the way we think, act and react to things that we can not control. Therefore, the expert, through the Huffington Post, presents you with 5 decisions that will help you to be happier.

1. Be more pleasant to yourself. Our thoughts can be our worst enemy. Negative thoughts, self-criticism and self-blame are common; however, analyze how many of these make you unhappy and try to supply them with others that are kinder to you and beneficial.

2. Find out what you like to do and do it. We spend time at work or other situations that we just do not like. It is important to find the things that bring us joy and spend time doing them. This way you will have more opportunity to succeed and feel happier.

3. You can be strong on your own and leave a bad relationship . Many people have a relationship to be happy, complete and whole. A better option is to be happy, whole and complete and then have a relationship. Healthy relationships come from our will and the ability to live without them.

4. Identify and face your fears. The biggest reason why we do not change is because of fear. It acts as a great barrier that gets in the way to move forward. Most people know what they fear, but if you do not know it, take your time to analyze it and find the most appropriate way to face it.

5. Live your life. It is never too late to do something in your life. Sometimes you just have to go for it and stop making excuses. It's about living life fully and having something to look forward to, to fight. No matter the age, you can achieve things and participate in activities you've always dreamed of.

Being happier is not impossible to achieve. Do not forget that it is in your hands. Try it and keep going!

Video Medicine: Decisions that change your life | Anna Muzychuk | TEDxAmposta (December 2022).