Using headphones at high volume can damage your ears

There are several factors that can causepermanent damage to hearing like aging, some medications and head injuries ; however, the most common is the one that results from exposure to too muchnoise


Many teenagers Y young boys they consider that they underutilize their time if they do not listen music when they develop some other activity, but listening at full volume with the earphones on can cause irreversible hearing damage.


The high level of sound produced by portable players lead a person to develop hearing loss (deafness ). These equipments are usually used in a frequency between 80 and 120 decibels.


The ideal is to use the headphones moderately, no more than two hours a day and with a volume below the 50 decibels; It is even recommended to use earmuffs and not "plug" type headphones, because with the earplugs the volume is raised less.


Make sure that the headphones that you buy to work well, since if they produce the sound in low quality young people tend to raise it to the volume, causing the distortion to hurt more ears .


In the last 10 years, the number of young boys that are treated due to hearing problems, because there is greater accessibility to products such as cell phones Y reproducers of music.

The noise and the ear

Frequent exposure to loud noise for a long period of time damages the soft tissue of the inner ear and over time it is destroyed by affecting our hearing.


Damage to the hearing device also alters the sense of Balance Thus, a prolonged exposure to loud sounds causes confusion and even nausea and vomiting.




So you know, if today you use headphones with high volume, tomorrow you will be wearing an auditory device for deafness.

What what?

* If your answer is "yes" to three or more questions, visit an otolaryngologist *

  1. Do you have problems listening on the phone?

  2. Do you have trouble understanding a conversation when two or more people talk at the same time?

  3. Do people complain that you raise the volume of television too much?

  4. Should you make an effort to understand a conversation?

  5. Do you have trouble listening in a noisy environment?

  6. Do you ask other people to repeat what they just said?

  7. Do you feel that other people you talk to murmur or do not speak clearly?

  8. Do you misunderstand what other people say and respond inappropriately?

  9. Do you have trouble understanding the speech of women and children?

  10. Do people get angry because they do not understand what they say?

Video Medicine: Mayo Clinic Minute: Are your headphones too loud? (March 2024).