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Although the use of arnica is more frequent in ointment, since it is used to treat physical injuries; example, bruises or sprains. Its consumption in infusion can significantly improve health.


Drinking a glass of arnica tea in aid or before each meal, can reduce the heartburn produced by problems such as gastritis or an ulcer. It can also be used for discomforts such as lack of appetite or to cleanse the liver ", as described in an article of the Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine.


Discover how to take care of your health

The intake of arnica should be small, and mainly diluted as is the case with tea, since in excess it can be dangerous. To enjoy its benefits Super Getqoralhealth It has safe and economical options. Discover them!


1. Lung and stomach pain

According to Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine , drink an infusion of this plant as water of time, helps to reduce stomach pain and also the chest.


2. Toothache

An infusion of arnica can counteract the inflammation of the gums, caused by a discomfort of a tooth. Take a glass of approximately 250 milliliters a day, at a warm temperature or as hot as you can tolerate.

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