The dilemma in the use of the pacifier

It is common for new fathers and mothers to receive many conflicting opinions about the use of the pacifier . Some theories claim that its use is harmful for the minor's habits, his palate and teeth; On the other hand, there are those who say that it is a source of pleasure that comforts them and helps them to sleep.

In the book "The first years", written by Marianne Lewis, it is exposed that the dilemma is not properly about the advantages and disadvantages, rather it is about offering the baby the pacifier, that he is the one that accepts it and the correct use it will depend on being removed on time (a year and a half or two).

The same text expresses some recommendations among which stand out: - That the pacifier is not used in a systematic way to reassure the baby. Use it only in the hours of sleep or difficult moments. - The pacifier will teach the baby to suck a material other than the breast, favoring the change to the bottle. - When selecting the pacifier, choose anatomical models recommended by orthodontists. - Do not impregnate the pacifier with sugar, honey, milk or other substances, this will prevent damage to your teeth.

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