Hyperbaric medicine vs diabetic foot

As a result of several years of formal scientific research in various parts of the world, the hyperbaric oxygenation (OHB) has now been consolidated as an effective treatment method, which consists in introducing the patient in a chamber (pressurized) approximately 50 minutes, as the case may be, to attend various diseases As the diabetic foot .

Alejandro Cruz Suárez Mendoza responsible for Hyperbaric Medicine Service of the Angeles Pedregal Hospital , points out that it is a technological advance in the service of health.

"By combining pressure and oxygen , a series of benefits applicable to an increasing number of diseases " In the following video of Hospitals Angeles , it explains what this treatment consists of:

By providing the body with large quantities of oxygen The functions that are lost when the amount is low are reset. Thus, by increasing the amount of oxygen In the body, several effects are created such as:

  1. Reduction of inflammations.
  2. Improvement of the blood circulation .
  3. Acceleration of scarring.
  4. Generation of new blood vessels in areas with poor circulation.
  5. Remodeling of damaged bones.
  6. Increased elasticity of the erythrocyte to promote circulation in the small blood vessels.
  7. Decrease in ischemic injury / reperfusion at the cellular level in cases of: heart attack Acute myocardium Burns , cerebrovascular events or traumas.

In addition, this therapy is effective and recommended among other problems to:

  1. Infections severe
  2. Acute trauma such as burns
  3. Healing problems
  4. Post-radiation sequelae
  5. Diabetic foot , gangrene
  6. Neurological injuries
  7. Embolias fats
  8. Severe poisoning
  9. Anemic syndromes

This procedure is carried out in specialized handling equipment, which receives the name of hyperbaric chambers , "At the beginning the patient will feel a little warm as the camera is pressurized, later he will feel the pressure change, similar to the one that is felt occasionally during an airplane flight, that is, the ears are covered, which is counteracted with a yawn or valsalva maneuver, "says the specialist.

The sessions are usually applied once a day, although each case has its own treatment plan, which includes parameters such as: pressure regime, exposure time and number of sessions.

To establish the scheme, it is very important to perform physical examinations and, depending on the case, clinical studies, in order to detect pathologies that contraindicate the HBO, such as:

  1. Untreated pneumothorax
  2. Diabetes not controlled
  3. Hypertension uncontrolled arterial
  4. Fever high at the time of the session
  5. Claustrophobia
  6. Sinusitis No treatment

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the patient must enter the chamber with 100% cotton clothing, without accessories or metal objects, without chemical products of any kind in the body (creams, makeup, gel, deodorant). "It is a safe procedure, if all the measures in this regard are considered."

Suárez Mendoza adds that "at present there are many dishonest sites that deceive people by telling them that the HBO is used to alleviate the diabetes , control the stress , go down weight , remove wrinkles or remove the migraine , when its effectiveness in these conditions has not been scientifically proven; Patients must be told the truth. The HBO is a procedure that helps, but is not definitive in some cases. "

It is important to note that "although the hyperbaric medicine has been very effective for the treatment and rehabilitation of some ailments, it is not recommended in all cases, so you have to consult a specialist before applying it, "recommends the expert.


Video Medicine: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy | Dr. Susan Sprau - UCLA Health (March 2021).