Happiness is an enriching habit for children

The happiness it is a state of mind that is generated when a person reaches a desired goal, which produces a state of peace interior and stimulates the conquest of new purposes, that is, it is a condition of satisfaction Y joy .

The Dalai Lama , in his book "The Art of Compassion", he writes about the causes that cause unhappiness (feelings of hate, anger and desire) and happiness (ethical actions, kindness and compassion), and describes how these emotions take root in habits that develop during life.

One of the qualities that help motivate good and enthusiastic feelings among children and young people is the full attention . With this one can observe the patterns of behavior clearly, which helps to break habits negative to replace them with positive actions.

The doctor Susan Kaiser Greenland , co-founder of Inner Kids , takes up the theory of the Dalai Lama and stresses that there is an established methodology to achieve happiness , which is based on three pillars: concentration , wisdom Y ethics .

These universal qualities are shaped as a refined process of Attention It allows us to see the world through attention, emotional balance and compassion. With the latter and the teaching of a behavior ethical , children promise to speak in a kind and compassionate way.

Meanwhile, full attention is the mental quality whereby children observe themselves during the day to make sure they are on the right path. In addition, through it concentration is developed, that is, infants review their thoughts and seek to successfully complete the goal they have set.

The exterior balance it consists of clearly observing what happens inside and around people, because of that the intense or negative emotional charges depend on it.

The expert recalls that this classic training buddhist It can be applied by individuals practicing any religion, because it is an evidence-based curriculum, with a reliable history and a universal approach.

Forget sadness and learn to be happy!

Video Medicine: Happiness 101- Teaching our children the habits of happiness: Erin Michelle Threlfall at TEDxUbud (December 2022).