Chavez worsened by respiratory failure

After two months of undergoing an operation to eradicate the Cancer , Hugo Chavez , president of Venezuela, reappears with respiratory insufficiency that has impacted his health since last year, so he has to breathe through a tracheal cannula, which makes speech difficult, according to newspaper information

For its part, the Bolivarian government of Venezuela details in a statement that the president is aware; however, it takes a vigorous treatment to address the underlying disease.

Hugo Chavez , began with respiratory failure as a consequence of a severe pulmonary infection, after the operation he underwent last December 11 in Havana, Cuba, according to official sources.

In this regard theVenezuelan Communications Minister, Ernesto Villegas , commented: "This infection has resulted in a respiratory insufficiency that requires the commander Chávez strict compliance with medical treatment. "

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Public Health of Harvard University They indicate that pulmonary infections account for more than 40% of the health burden caused by the 10 most frequent infections in developed countries.

Pneumonia and sepsis account for 60% of the causes of acute respiratory failure in hospitalized patients.

The process of breathing causes the microbes to land in our lungs. They tend to be so serious and frequent because there is a great variety of microbes from the external environment and from our own body, capable of producing very damaging inflammatory lesions.

Its treatment requires several stages. In fact, recent research reveals that the microbes that cause lung infections are becoming increasingly resistant to the antibiotics that were effective against them, which can lead to death.

It should be remembered that Chávez He underwent a complex surgical intervention that lasted six hours, for an international medical team to remove the lesion that has relapsed in the same area where the old ones were, according to the Huffpost.

So far, the 58-year-old Bolivarian president has undergone three previous surgical procedures, four cycles of chemotherapy and to six of radiotherapy since he was diagnosed by Cancer in the pelvic area, in 2011.

Given the condition that involves the taking of oath of January 10 to ratify the power, the hermetism around his treatment against the Cancer has triggered speculation about the true state of health of the president, which, according to various media, seems to be a sign that prepare the Venezuelan people for a fatal news.

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