Do not do it!

What do you use your bedroom for? Sometimes we are not aware of the things we do or put in our bed and this may be the cause of insomnia or allergy that we suffer and that reduce our quality of life.

According to various studies there are some things that should not be in your bed if you want to enjoy good physical and mental health.

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Do not do it!

1. Use of cell phone Prevent you from having a break deep, since sound and light stimulates electrical activity in your brain, according to a study published in the journal Nature .

2. Computer. According to the Sleep Medicine Division of the Harvard University , using the computer in bed prevents a good rest and does not allow you to fall asleep.

3. Pets . Even if you treat your dog or cat as a child, you have to set limits, since sharing a bed with him can generate allergies or intermittent sleep.

4. Foods . Even if you want to spoil your partner with a breakfast in bed, you should think twice, as it is unhygienic and encourages animals or insects to reproduce in your room.

5. books . Reading before bed only stimulates your brain so you will not achieve a restful sleep. It is best to finish your reading outside the room, according to an investigation of the University and Woodland Avenues , in Philadelphia.

If you have these bad habits, it is time for you to reflect and discover how important they are for you. You can try for a month how you feel when you delete them and find out if you're Resting best. And you, do you have good sleep hygiene?

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