They release the stressful environment!

Do not you know how to be more productive? One study suggests that the use of plants in the office it can help you to achieve it in a natural and ecological way.

According to the investigation of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences , details that people who work surrounded by plants alive increase their memory capacity, to make better decisions and, therefore, be more productive.


They release the stressful environment!

On the other hand, other researchers of the University of Michigan they point out that the relationship plant-productivity it works through a theory known as "restoration of attention".

With the plants, workers remain more satisfied and focused on their work, but what kind of vegetation Is it recommended for these purposes? Know them!


  1. Aloe . Helps control the air quality of cleaning chemicals or harmful chemicals from the ambient .
  2. Ivy . Nasa scientists call it the best plant air filter.
  3. Lily of peace or cradle of Moses. It is one of the best plants to restore balance and reduce toxins from the environment.
  4. Snake plant . Absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night, so your work environment will stay clean to fill you up Energy.
  5. Bamboo . The Pot He qualified it as one of the best plants to purify the environment.

The brief encounters with the nature has restorative effects and free the stress , so that people are more relaxed and concentrate better. And you, how many plants do you have on your desk?

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