Tea to counteract the discomfort of pregnancy

The infusions of plants Medicines help counteract the malaise pregnancy, are also a good alternative to the consumption of coffee or the traditional flavors of tea.

The book "Pregnancy after 35", written by Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler, edited by Paidós, mentions the properties of each of the medicinal infusions .

- Chamomile: favors digestion. - Dandelion: reduces water retention and relieves stomach pain. - Ginger root: relieves nausea and nasal congestion. - Nettle leaf: it has iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals favorable to pregnant women.

- Mint: relieves pain caused by flatulence and heartburn. - Raspberry: reduces nausea and stabilizes the level of hormones.

The text also mentions that some unsafe infusions during pregnancy are: San Cristóbal herb, pennyroyal, altarpiece, golden seal or hydrastis, feverfew, seeds of psyllium, sticky or commotion mugwort, comfrey, horse's claw or coltsfoot, juniper , rue, tansy or lombriguera herb, sage, senna, sacred cascara, cambrón or buckthorn, male fern, American elm and American conopholis.

In any way before a compound is ingested, medical authorization is necessary.

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