Organic tobacco is not healthy

The label says "organic cigarettes ", But do not be fooled, the" organic "will not prevent damage your body and your lungs. Any cigarette that fumes will harm your health, it does not matter if it is more friendly with the ambient .

Due to the difficult period that the producers of tobacco In recent decades, the transition to producing tobacco withn organic methods generates larger volumes at a substantially lower cost, since the sale price is assumed as a premium product, publishes the ecological portal The Daily Green.

"Natural" cigars avoid adding chemicals and extra nicotine , which common cigars usually contain. However, the cigar it is not healthy , contain or not, organic tobacco. If you smoke a "natural" cigarette, you will be exposed to fewer toxins in general terms, but the risk remains the inhalation of carcinogenic smoke which occurs due to the burning of tobacco leaves.

The tobacco that is usually grown is maintained based on pesticides "Imagine planes flying over tobacco fields and spraying herbicides," says the specialist of the ecological portal Grist, Umbra Fisk .  

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