5 snacks that are not healthy and you thought so

In Mexico , 97% of households have a habit of consuming some kind of snack , especially in meetings relatives , with friends or at events sports , explains a study by the consulting firm KantarWorldpanel Mexico .

However, when it comes to searching healthy options and to maintain the ideal weight , it is advisable to prefer those that contain little sugar , from 100 to 150 calories and from 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrates , suggests University of Colorado Health .

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The snack that usually consume are made mainly of corn and of wheat , products with little or no food properties that affect health due to the sugars added, grease , Salt Y dressings , says a study of Testing Laboratory of the Federal Consumer Procurator (Profeco) .


The products that we consume as snack they have null properties food , scarce fiber , proteins , vitamins Y minerals , which results in a food unbalanced in terms nutritional , adds the investigation.

Hence, the recommendation is avoid eat on a regular basis this kind of snack Y never must be replace or have as one of the main foods of the day

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