Science has not confirmed damage by transgenic

There is no scientific evidence that genetically modified organisms, or transgenic organisms, damage the Health human, animal or biodiversity, affirmed the researcher emeritus and founder of the Institute of Biotechnology of the UNAM, Francisco G. Bolívar Zapata.

"With methods of DNA developed since 1973, it is possible to isolate specific genes from one organism and transfer them to another, generating transgenic or GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

GMOs have been used commercially for 25 years to build recombinant proteins identical to the human ones. "In pharmacies, including those in Mexico, there are drugs of transgenic or recombinant origin such as insulin, growth hormone, interferons and anticoagulants. Without them it would not be possible to produce the quantities required by the market, since from human tissues and fluids such as blood, very small quantities are obtained, "he explained.

He stressed that at a social level, transgenics have been demonized by some non-governmental organizations, which distort information about them without having any scientific evidence .

The university biochemist - National University Award 1990, Prince of Asturias 1991 and National Science and Arts 1992 - explained that biotechnology is a multidisciplinary activity that uses knowledge to study, modify and use the biological systems of microbes, plants and animals to facilitate the solution of important problems in the sectors of health, agriculture, industry and the environment.

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