Sweet alternatives!

Something sweet after the meal? Whether it's culture, custom or, simply, taste, most often consume a dessert after lunch. However, what happens if you have lactose intolerance or obesity?

According to an investigation carried out by the Center for Medical Education and Clinical Research of Buenos Aires, Mexico It is one of the countries with the highest incidence of lactose intolerances.

This is divided into 3 types: hypolactasia, is caused by the decrease of the enzyme lactase over the years; secondary, lactase enzyme decreases due to disease; congenital, its cause lies in its genetics. But what can be done when most desserts are made with it? Resign?

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Sweet alternatives!

It is no longer necessary to suffer, nowadays there is a great diversity of options: soy milk, 100% deslactosada or almonds. GetQoralHealth offers you 7 delicious options:

1. Natural sponge cake This only provides 270 calories per serving and is a great source of vitamin E. Its preparation is equal to that of a pancake and to do it you need the following: 1 liter of milk lactose, 3 eggs, 2 cups of sugar substitute, grated lemon, yeast and right sunflower.

2. Apple roasted orange In addition to fresh, this dish only offers 250 calories per serving. To make it you need: 4 acid apples, 25 grams of raisins, cinnamon, orange juice and an orange cut into segments. It is an excellent fiber contribution.

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3. Egg flan. Makes for 8 people, to do it you need 1 liter of soy milk, 8 eggs. 200 grams of sugar. It only offers 229 calories per serving.

4. Milk rice. It offers you only 169 calories, and 8 grams of protein. To do so, you need: 120 grams of rice, 4 glasses of soy milk, lemon and orange zest and cinnamon.

5. Fruit skewer: Rich, fresh and full of vitamins is how you can describe this recipe that only has 48 calories per serving. You only need to make it: 4 strawberries, 1 banana, pear and lemon.

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6. Sweet tangerine tartlet To make it you need 2 eggs, 4 tangerines, 4 tablespoons of olive oil and wheat flour. It only offers 196 calories to your diet.

7. Red fruit crepes It only has 232 calories per serving, if you crave the only thing you need is 2 glasses of 100% milk, 2 eggs, flour.

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Try these recipes, and enjoy the culinary pleasures without sinning or feeling bad. We invite you to buy organic products in our Product selection specially designed to take care of your health and figure.

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