School phobia is common in overprotected children

The phobia school, an intense and irrational fear of attending school, is very common in children overprotected by their parents, and is identified through symptoms such as anxiety , sweating hands, tremor , headache or stomach, sickness Y dizziness .

This disorder occurs in 1% of the child population; However, it is very important to diagnose it in time to avoid complications during the adult stage of the human being, in accordance with Manuel Díaz Domínguez , doctor assigned to the Coordination of Teaching and Research of Psychiatric Care Services .

The specialist details that overprotected children are transmitted some insecurity, which manifests when they are without the company of their parents.

The following video explains what is the overprotection and its impact on infants:

Meanwhile, school phobia can be generated by specific situations, that is, when the child is mistreated by teachers or classmates, or diseases prolonged

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Children who suffer phobia School-age children may exhibit normal behavior during the day, but when school time approaches they begin to show a withdrawn behavior, accompanied by the physical symptoms described above.

Díaz Domínguez recommends parents, visit the doctor to rule out that it is a disease and not an excuse to stop going to classes.

In addition, the specialist said that the reason why the child does not want to go to school should be investigated.

In case there is no external factor, it will be necessary to take the child with a psychologist, who will help him face the fear .

In some cases, the modification of school schedules may be beneficial, with the objective of integrating the children into the school environment little by little. And you, do you consider yourself an overprotective parent?

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