Be amazed at the results!

Have a pet from childhood not only helps you strengthen your immune system, but strengthens your trust by giving you the support you need at specific times.

According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge , children trust more in their mascots that in his brothers, when faced with difficult situations such as separation from their parents, illness, loss of a family member or problems at school.


Be amazed at the results!


"It is surprising that children prefer to turn to their pet when faced with adversity than their siblings, even though they are aware that their animals do not understand what they are saying," he explains. Matt Cassel, author of the study .

The also a postgraduate researcher in psychiatry in Cambridge details that children who have a stronger relationship with their pets register a higher level of prosocial behavior , that is, they are more likely to help, share and cooperate with others.


"Children feel that their pets do not judge them, they just listen to them. For those same feel the empathy.

Even the animals not only helps them improve their relationship with others or fosters their responsibility, but also benefits their health such as maintaining good blood pressure, reducing the risk of developing allergies and asthma, reducing stress and avoiding loneliness and crisis anxiety .

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