What emotions do you experience?

Undoubtedly, there are certain factors that make us allergic to certain substances; genetics and the environment influence, but there are also emotional elements that make a person more susceptible to developing certain conditions.

During the Sanofi Summit 2014 , the doctor Ignacio Ansotegui , specialist in Allergology and Immunology of the Hospital Quirón Bizkaia of Bilbao, points out that allergy is more common in children of divorced parents:

"Beyond the genetic factors and the environmental zones, it has been proven that this factor raises the cases of asthma in children."


What emotions do you experience?

According to an investigation of the Colombian Association of Psychiatry , points out that 30% of the children who live with some type of allergy, reflect sadness and external void, which can be linked to the separation of the parents that they experienced at some stage of their life.

In this sense, the expert Ansotegui reveals the emotional role and care is basic in all stages of life, especially in childhood, which is when the self-esteem of people is strengthened.

"Hence the importance of hugging, laughing, etc., since this makes us have a strong immune system and that way we are less susceptible to developing certain types of diseases."


Avoid extreme hygiene

He is also the head of Department of Allergy and Immunology that another of the vulnerable factors of those who live with allergy is that sometimes they do it in a very clean environment, and this prevents the generation of basic and necessary microorganisms in the body to be more resistant.

"Parents should know, extreme hygiene produces more allergy. Hence the importance of letting little ones get dirty, not always super protected; you have to leave them free and not overprotect them. "

Asthma in numbers

According to the allergist Ansotegui, asthma is a type of allergy that worldwide is almost twice as prevalent in boys as in girls, while in adults it is more frequent in women than in men.

In Mexico, the incidence of allergic asthma has increased considerably in recent decades, reaching levels close to 10% in some states of the Mexican Republic.

During an asthma attack, the lining of the bronchi becomes inflamed, which causes a narrowing of the airways and a decrease in the flow of air in and out of the lungs.

Have a free environment smoke , cigar , humidity and contaminants are essential for you to gain health and feel much better.

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