Risks of sibutramine to lose weight

It would be excellent to have a medication for slim down that is as beneficial as the Metformin (Glucofage), that does not cause palpitations like Chinese pills, diarrhea as Xenical or stomach pain like the Carnitine.

Does sibutramine work to lose weight?

The sibutramine (reductil) is the most used medication to lose weight. Initially it helps to diminish the appetite although the effect disappears after four weeks.

The slimming effect of sibutramine It is insignificant: only 2 kilos in a year.

Sibutramine: Do you have side effects (adverse)?

Besides that it does not help to lose weight, sibutramine It has serious adverse side effects, since it increases the risk of having a heart attack.

In January 2010, the European Medicines Agency prohibited the sale of sibutramine and in September the Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English), met to determine the future of the sibutramine in the rest of the world.

Doctors and patients need to understand that replacing a healthy lifestyle with a medicine to lose weight is a dream that will never come true.


Contraindications of Sibutramine

The medicine to lose weight sibutramine does not diminish the effect of birth control pills , but its use increases the risks of thrombosis, hypertension and cerebrovascular accident.

For my medical experience I consider that they should not be used together with the birth control pills . It is also not advisable to take it with the glucosamine , levothyroxine (Eutirox), or other natural medicines .

It is advisable to use the medication sibutramine (reductil) in patients with diabetes or recently operated on gastric bypass .

It is essential to supervise a doctor in patients with hypothyroidism , hyperinsulinism (insulin resistance), triglycerides or high cholesterol . The time has come for governments to become more involved in the fight against obesity . For more information, click Here .

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