You are his incentive or enemy ...

If you are in a relationship couple would probably spend a lot, if not almost everything, your free time with your partner. It has become an important part of your life and in the same way you influence yours.

Sometimes we get caught up in long-term activities and projects, so much so that we let inspiration escape from the relationship.

To recover that spark we offer you 8 ways to show your support to your partner and remind them how much you love them, and you understand them.

1. Tell him you're proud of him. Do not forget that it is important to remind you that you feel very proud of him. Either because I fix the television they have or because he's a great father and husband ... just tell him how you feel about that.

2. Send him a happy reminder. Remind her that you feel lucky to be by her side and that you are excited about the weekend or the upcoming holidays. No matter the reason, but send him an SMS or an email with a positive and unexpected message to improve his mood.

3. Have a wish boat . On pieces of paper, write down your dreams and wishes. Put them all in a flirty boat. When you have extra money, put it in and when there is a good amount or you want to do something different, take one of the papers and use the money from the pot to do it.

4. Tell him he can get it. If you have a project or a dream, encourage it. Tell him that you believe in him and that he has the skills to achieve it, that he should never doubt his ability.

5. Be intimate. Improve your ego and yours, plus the two will feel more relaxed and obviously connected. Tell him how much you like to be with him and do not be embarrassed to express your love and your desire.

6. Stop criticizing him. When we have a lot of trust with a person, it is very easy to criticize without realizing it. So analyze what you are going to say before doing it; If it is not necessary, better not say anything.

7. Tell him that you still like him. Remind him that he continues to cause butterflies, chinita skin and chills when he touches you. That you still feel full of peace when she hugs you and that kissing him is erotic and exciting.

8. Love him with all your heart. One of the best ways to support it is to love it without reservations or fears, without prejudice and without shame. What they have is something special and unique, do not waste it because you are afraid. This will strengthen your relationship.

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