In what way does it help you?

Do you know what are the advantages of hearing with two ears instead of one? The bilateral hearing (from both sides) improves the intelligibility of the language in calm as well as noisy environments, reduces the effort to understand the voices in places with noise and improves the perception and location of sounds.

This is important when speaking hearing aids . In fact, many researches affirm that two devices are better than one, and it has been proven that the benefits of bilateral hearing come from a number of monaural and binaural auditory cues that facilitate verbal comprehension in noisy environments.


In what way does it help you?

According to the expert Mariana, bilateral hearing has the following benefits:


1. Binaural directionality

It is known that sound travels from the environment to the eardrum, colliding before with the body, head and ears modifying acoustically the sound depending on the direction of it.

This helps the listener identify where the sound comes from. Also, knowing where the sound comes from helps us pay attention to the object or person speaking and thus better understand the message.

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