Walking faster increases your life expectancy

According to Journal of the American Medical Association, there is a close link between higher speed at walk (more than one meter per second) and more likely to be long-lived.

An investigation, which was conducted in the United States with 35 thousand people over 65 years, showed that the walk it requires energy, control of movement and support, in addition to which it involves an effort in multiple organs, including the heart, the lungs and the circulatory, nervous and muscular systems.

In this sense, the article stated that the decrease in speed that is used when walking, can generate a damage in these body systems, so they call for people to walk with an upright posture and at an adequate speed. Here we present a note, published in the program Come back to life , about the benefits of walking:

So you know, if you want to increase your life expectancy, live healthily and oxygenate your body, a good option is to walk every day, at least 30 minutes at an accelerated pace, since your heart Y joints , they will oxygenate more.

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