The importance of a fixed schedule

If you get used to sleep late, I have news ... it does not mean that you are not going to rest, but that you are going to go up weight, that is why it takes into account what is the best time to sleep and slim down

A study of Northwestern University, reveals that it is always better to sleep before 12:45 AM , because people who reveal too much, generate unhealthy eating habits by resting less and during the day consume more carbohydrates and less vegetables.

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The study involved 96 adults between 18 and 50 years old, who carried monitors to measure their physical activity and its patterns dream for a week

Eating habits were a determining factor in the result, because those who slept less than 6 and a half hours, during the night; they had a lower performance during the day and tended to gain weight.


The importance of a fixed schedule

Those who go to bed later, resort to "expresss" foods or "fast food" , lack of time or desire to cook. In general people physically less active than the rest and with overweight .

Those who generate responsible habits of getting up early, seem to have a characteristic where genetically they are programmed, with a higher metabolic rate and a much lower caloric and fat intake.


Checked, sleep on time slims

The good habits Sleeping have an amazing impact, because according to the study those who fall asleep after 12:45, can earn up to 900 grams per month if they do not practice any physical activity.

Those who sleep more and better, tend to be smarter and more creative , also improves the reasoning ability and a metabolism agile, which helps you to process your food better and keep you at an ideal weight.


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