Real pleasure

One of the fantasies The strongest of men is to recreate some of the scenes of the "xxx" movies they have seen, thinking that this will cause the same satisfaction sexual. But this idea is far from reality because there are several myths of the female pleasure .

In this sense it turns out that this type of movies can be addictive and desensitizing , when they are "consumed" in excess, men no longer need a sex more intimate and prefer to recreate what they see, says Naomi Wolf author of the book "Vagina" .

Added to that, Elsy Reyes , sexologist and comunicóloga, affirms that in these films myths of the female pleasure that in real life are not possible for very specific reasons. In the following video the expert explains what they are and why their difficulty (and impossibility).


Real pleasure

In real life they think very differently about the way in which they want their couples give them pleasure, and in fact, according to a study of the University of Montreal , your greatest sexual fantasy is to feel romantic emotions during the sex .

Alessandra Rampolla , sexologist author of "The erotic goddess" , says that women love the sex , but they will always prefer to make love, since that act transcends the merely physical and the pleasure It is full: corporal, emotional and spiritual.


It often happens that they are very worried about their own performance, that makes them forget that a deep and affectionate kiss, a tender smile, a loving caress, gives much more pleasure than the surprising performance of an actor of a triple "x" ", adds the expert.

The myths of pleasure feminine can be simple to promote with this type of movies, so it is best to have excellent communication about what in real life causes satisfaction to both. Not always what you see is reality.