A dose to keep going ...

There are moments when thinking about having sex seems absurd, but the reality is that everything can be taken out "match". Make those "unusual" moments the best to have sex , can you motivation to continue with your activities.

Before a presentation, sex can help you vs. nerves. Courtesy: Gettyimages

Although having sex day is still not the most common, a sunny afternoon can make the senses shoot, in addition to the lightness of clothes is a factor enough sexy for the couple.

"The sun promotes the production of serotonin in the brain, which increases your mood and helps you enjoy your body more, "he says. Tammy Nelsen , sexuality expert and author of the book"Getting the Sex You Want" .


A dose to keep going ...

The benefits of sex they are already well known, so add that you can do it motivation before problems, to be happy or to enjoy more, it is not much to ask for (nor a sacrifice). Therefore we present some moments in which you should definitely do it.

1. When you have a cold. Although it seems contradictory, an investigation of the University Clinic of Essen , shows that having sex stimulates the immune system . So even if you do not feel the need to have it, doing so can help you heal disease .

2. Before a presentation. A study of University of Paisley , indicates that people who had sex before having to speak in public presented lower levels of stress . It is also proven that sex calms nerves and lower the blood pressure .

4. At the end of a bad day. The sex It's better than beers to vent. Jessica O'Reilly , psychologist author of "The new sex bible" , says that this along with other forms of affect improve the mood and lower levels of stress for the future days.

5. Finishing a workout. According to the researchers of the University of Texas , Austin, who compared women's reactions to materials erotic after they took a 20-minute bicycle ride, their blood flow to the genital region It was 169% higher, which is beneficial to have a better sex .

3. Day 14 of the menstrual cycle. On or around day 14 of the period is when the clitoris grows around 20% more than its normal size, which makes it more feasible to reach orgasm in a simple way, indicates a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine .  

6. After a scare. When the adrenalin is pumping, your body is already in a state of excitement and the sexual response is often greater, O'Reilly says. A study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior confirms that the attraction and wish they increase after an impulse of this substance.

Although these moments are yes "unusual" to have sex , the important thing is that you enjoy the situation, the physical and mental benefits to have pleasure it generates you Besides, leaving the routine is always good for the couple. You dare?

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