5 keys to overcome your fears

Earthquakes and tremors or any natural phenomenon may cause you fear , but you can beat it without hesitation. How to overcome fears? Research ensures that fear, anxiety and worries can affect people's mental health if you do not control them.

To avoid this happening to you, take into account these five keys to live healthier and happier by forgetting about the fears .

1 Understand fear

Take into account that it is a feeling of greater or lesser intensity, which depends on your thinking. These sensations are subjective, based on different points of view and can be controlled.

2 Have faith

Assume that regardless of the intensity of the tremor, there will always be a higher divine power to protect you.

3 Change the focus of attention

Loving and feeling loved is one of the fundamental pillars to free yourself from fear. Mary Baker Eddy, a metaphysical teacher, wrote: "Truth and love are the ones that cast out fear and heal the sick, and humanity improves because of this." Because of that, you can stop focusing on yourself and think about who needs help.

4 Thank all the good things that are around you

There is always something good in your environment. Look at those who are safe, listen to a word of consolation, thank for the glass of water, for the clothes you have, for your life. Make a mental list of everything you can be grateful for, transform your vision of things and prepare to receive more.

5 Recognize that good is all-powerful and always present

The universe, the planets, nature, everything is in constant movement. Divine intelligence has always manifested itself and will continue to manifest itself harmoniously.

I invite you to reflect and think about these ideas, checking the benefits they will bring in your life and those of those around you.

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