Yoga on summer vacation

The summer increases the pitta (fire and water in ayurveda), so it is good to compensate with activities and daily choices that help us maintain inner peace, help cool the body and mind, so there are certain yoga postures and exercises to achieve it.

These yogic recommendations allow you to fully enjoy the opportunities to grow, be healthy and in harmony during this season, according to the portal:



These breathing exercises They cool the body and are ideal at this time of the year. One very simple is Sadant : Sit with your back straight, join the upper teeth with the lower ones and opening the lips, breathe through the spaces between the teeth, feeling the cold air. Exhale through the nose.

Shital means in Sanskrit soothing and the Shital pranayama , is also appropriate for this time of year. Take out the tongue and give it a tube shape. Breathe through this space, save your tongue and hold for a few seconds. Exhale through the nose.



Although the heat can give us a bit of lethargy and thinking about moving may not be the most attractive idea of ​​all (your heart has to work harder), do not give up your practice during the summer .

Our body continues to need asanas to maintain its flexibility and strength, to oxygenate and detoxify, and also for the proper functioning of internal organs and vital processes. Our mind also needs its soothing effects, now more than at any other time of the year.

Physical yoga and techniques such as meditation and the breathing , they always help us to feel more calm and focused. Accompany these recommendations during summer with good nutrition and hydration. Remember that each body is different and that you should always look for what works specifically for you.

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