You're bored or you lack oxygen ...

Why do we yawn? Several studies have suggested that this action is due to lack of oxygen in the brain, excessive tiredness or inadequate rest, but what other things are hidden behind the yawn? Discover it!

Science reveals the following data that can explain the reasons why you yawn when someone does or the time it takes to do it.

Sickness sign I agree with you National Institutes of Health , the yawning in excess can be a vagus nerve reaction, which could indicate a problem in the heart. In other cases it can also mean some brain problem.

Lasts 6 seconds on average. A study of University of Albany , in New York, details that different physiological changes are experienced in the body during those six seconds as the increase in heart rate.

A fetus can yawn. In an investigation of the Durham University of Psychology it is detailed that the babies that are in the uterus can yawn, which can be linked with the fetal development and its health, that is to say, the practice in excess could be a signal of an early maturation of the brain.

It cools the brain. The portal National Geographic He details that yawning serves to regulate the temperature in the brain. People are more likely to yawn during the winter, when the outside air is colder than in the summer.

It's contagious. A study of University of Pisa, in Italy it determines that people yawn more when their loved ones do it, due to the relationship between contagion and empathy.

In the investigation it is detailed that it is a way of showing solidarity with people who experience a sensation, which in this case, is usually related to stress, anxiety, boredom or fatigue. And you, why yawn?

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