Order of birth marks you ...

In Mexico, there were 5 thousand 718 suicides in 2011, of which 4 thousand 621 and a thousand 95 were women, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistic and Geography (Inegi), but, according to a study can identify who are more likely to suicide .

In the research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology , the brothers minors are more likely to die for suicide than the firstborn.


Order of birth marks you ...

The researchers detail that the birth order indicates the possibility you have of thinking about the suicide . For example, the third child is more at risk of dying by suicide than the first and so on. Even, it is detailed that in adulthood, this percentage grows 18%.

Mikael Rostila, from Center of the Stockholm University of Studies on Equity in Health , stresses that the birth order can determine the mental health through life.

With this, parents can pay more attention to the education and care of children, similar to what they did with the firstborn.

Another study conducted in Norway details that for each increase in the order of birth, the risk of suicide increases 46%

Smaller siblings are expected to be more prone to risk or more impulsive, which could contribute to thinking about the suicide ; in addition, of the intimidation they may receive from their older brothers.

"The lower levels of attachment to parents due to quality time restrictions could lead to emotional and behavioral problems, separation stress and psychiatric disorders, thus contributing to an increased risk of suicide among the brothers who are born later, "said Rostila. And how many brothers do you have?

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