Disney vs childhood obesity

The United States, like Mexico, is going through an epidemic of obesity due to the fact that one third of the country's children are overweight, or obese, and according to a report from the Institute of Medicine, the marketing of junk food has contributed to increasing obesity childish.

Thus, Walt Disney Co , owner of the ABC chain and a series of cable channels, will stop broadcasting junk food advertising in its television programs and Internet websites aimed at children, according to sources familiar with the initiative.

The initiative of Disney is in line with the announcement made last week by the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, of a plan to prohibit sugary drinks that exceed half a liter in most restaurants, theaters, kiosks and vending machines throughout the city.

The ban, which would affect the beverage sales of giants such as McDonald's, has generated reluctance among manufacturers of refreshments , many of which support the application of measures nutritional , but voluntary.

Disney plans to reduce advertising during children's programming on their chains such as ABC and Disney XD, and on their Internet sites for children, for foods that do not meet the requirements nutritional minimum, the sources said. A Disney spokeswoman declined to comment on this announcement.

Video Medicine: Disney joins fight against obesity (April 2023).