Keep your beauty during pregnancy

Let's see what are the aesthetic problems (and others that are not) that occur during the first four months of pregnancy , and what can we do to solve them.


First month: Prevent cellulite

We must put aside laziness from the first month of pregnancy , because this leads us to lock ourselves in the house and to renounce the physical activity . Although we are normally sedentary women, this is the most appropriate time to take a bike or walk.

Now it is more important than ever the movement and the exercise to prevent the formation of cellulitis , ensure a good oxygenation of the blood and prepare properly the muscles for the effort that must be made during the Birth .

You should also take care of feeding . While it is true that it should contain all the nutritional principles, but it should not be exaggerated. If our weight It does not increase too much, we not only do our body a favor, it is subject to a stress much smaller, but we will simplify the pregnancy and the Birth .

During the pregnancy we must drink many more liquids than usual, because this favors the elimination of liquids and thus avoid the formation of cellulitis . In this way, we will facilitate the work that the kidneys do, which is now double. In addition, it is essential to consistently resort to the daily use of a good product against the cellulitis .

Those made from natural extracts, such as seaweed or ivy, also serve to reduce the inflammation of the legs. On the contrary, we must avoid creams that contain thyroid hormone extracts that, by accelerating metabolism, can create problems of hormonal imbalance .


Second month: Combat stretch marks

The only effective way we have so that we do not get stretch marks it consists in doing everything possible to prevent them. And it is that we must bear in mind that, once they are already formed, it is very difficult to make them disappear. Therefore, the most important thing should be prevention, including younger women or expectant mothers with a skin Firm and elastic without propensity to have stretch marks .

Also, we must implement all preventive measures immediately, although we have not gained weight, applying special creams with a massage both in the morning and at night. This will result in a skin Elastic and soft throughout the body, especially in the "higher risk" areas, such as the thighs, hips, abdomen and breasts.

At the beginning, we must use a moisturizing milk for the body with which we will give a gentle massage, with circular movements, on the chest and abdomen, and then from bottom to top, from the ankles to the groin.

From the third and fourth month, it will be better to use special products for this problem; in most cases they are products based on elastin and collagen fiber, which also contain substances that stimulate the production of the latter by tissues, and which are enriched with moisturizing components. The effect will be more evident if you increase the amount of product and the duration of the massage.

Third month: Strengthen the bust

Rule number one: all pregnant You must use an appropriate bra for the occasion. A suitable bra should be made 100% cotton, because synthetic fibers can irritate the skin and do not allow a good and healthy perspiration . This is even more important when the breast increases in size, because folds form in the bottom of which the sweat concentrates, giving rise to a maceration.

We must also ensure that the bra we choose is appropriate to the size of our chest, neither too small and too tight nor too wide and soft, so it must be changed every month. The lingerie must contain and maintain correctly the entire structure of the bust, to avoid that it is subjected to excessive stress for the weight that must hold.

On the other hand, during the pregnancy , the chest should also be washed with more care and attention than usual, but always with great delicacy, especially in the nipple. For this we can use cleaners to skin sensitive, better if they are in the form of cream or liquids.

After rinsing it thoroughly with warm water, it should be dried with a terry towel or thread, and a layer of special moisturizer should be applied to the bust. The application of this product prevents the formation of cracks, which are painful cuts that are formed in the nipple and that can eventually interfere with the lactation .

Fourth month: Beware of veins

To the extent that pregnancy progress also increases the stagnation in the veins, since the abdomen grows and "compresses" the groin, preventing the blood circulate quickly. This results in a phenomenon of water retention and heaviness in the legs, which become inflamed and painful.

Besides, the blood it no longer manages to perform in a correct way the important function of expelling the waste substances. To avoid this, what should we do? The massages in the legs are very good, they must be done starting from the ankle and ascending towards the groin. A gel product will be used, especially for swollen legs, which should be applied cold after having been kept in the refrigerator.

Walking outdoors is a great massage that stimulates circulation of the veins. You can also use slightly compressed and graduated stockings, so that they exert greater pressure on the ankles and calves and lower on the thighs, and wear comfortable shoes with low and wide heels.

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