Ask Cofepris to eliminate products to lose weight

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) of the Federal Health Secretariat (Ssa) ordered the destruction of 30 thousand 490 units of assumptions Food supplements , reductive creams Y essential oilsTo lose weight "They were ready for distribution and sale in an establishment in the state of Mexico.

The products were found in the company "El Oasis. Sistema Integral Sano ", located in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, after an investigation that began with the sampling at point of sale of the" Artichoke reinforced 100% natural ".

The COFEPRIS immobilized ampules, bottles, boxes, jars, bags, envelopes and tubes with different substances, as well as 100 kilograms of artichoke that is usually used to supposedly avoid overweight Y obesity .

When reviewing more than 200 labels, the verifiers detected several irregularities: products that are displayed as Food supplements and they are not, products that require sanitary authorization for their commercialization and did not have it, products for topical use to which they attributed properties for reduce sizes , products with ether, substance prohibited in the field of perfumery and beauty, essential oils without sanitary permission and presumed oils "of turtle" and "sweet almonds".

The company was asked for information on two insured products to be evaluated: Grass of San Juan Y Coyote bait with viper oil , since the information contained in the labels does not match the available scientific information.

The company "El Oasis" has informed COFEPRIS that the products to be destroyed are manufactured by other establishments, so the health authority expanded the investigation and prepares verification visits to other businesses, since these products represent a risk to health of consumers.

The COFEPRIS reiterates that it has the telephone: 01 800 033 50 50 and the page to receive complaints or health complaints about these or other products.