Obtaining muscle tone

If time is your main obstacle to start exercising, with only 10 minutes of activity you can get the maximum benefit. There is some kind ofexercises for tone up you body what can you do?


Tara Zimliki, certified personal trainer and founder of Tara Bootcamp in New Jersey , says that even when it is recommended to do 30 or 45 minutes of exercise five days a week, for tone up the main groups muscular and increase the heart rate is enough 10 minutes of training in focus.


Obtaining muscle tone

One of the options to achieve a exercise functional is to employ weight . This helps to create tension on the muscles , favoring tone , joint flexibility and increase in bone density.

In this regard, experts from Mayo Clinic explain that the exercises with weights help tone up the body . These can be done with free dumbbells, bars or machines.

To carry them out it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations to win tone muscle and avoid injuries.


  1. Technique. If you are a beginner, let yourself be guided by a coach qualified who will monitor that you properly perform the routine and use the weight ideal.
  2. Repetitions A table of three series of 12 repetitions of it exercise and the right weight is enough to build Y tone up your muscles effectively.
  3. Weight. The appropriate weight varies per person, but an indication is that the load should be enough to tire the muscles after 12 repetitions. No matter how few kilos, as your body gets used to it, it will gradually increase.
  4. Break . Give your time muscles so that recover . Work the main muscle groups in a single session two or three times a week. For example, Monday works arms and shoulders, legs and glutes on Tuesday, and so on.

Another alternative for tone up the body are the moves without weight, as taught in the following videoserial , Ana Paula Domínguez . Start today!

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