Obesity in figures

71% of women and 67% of adult men older than 20 years in Mexico suffer from overweight Y obesity . It also affects 26% of school children and 30% of adolescents.

Currently the obesity it represents a financial burden of more than 100 billion pesos, of which 70 thousand would correspond to medical expenses. The most frequent causes of mortality in Mexico are directly associated with the problem of obesity or overweight , which generates diabetes , cardiovascular problems and even the Cancer .

Data from Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), the Mellitus diabetes is the most expensive disease for the institution, since between 30 and 50% of all cases of cerebrovascular disease and acute myocardial infarction they are associated with it. Contributes to this situation, the monthly expense for patients with diabetes over 35 years, 22 thousand 837.00 pesos, and under 35 years, 25 thousand 277 pesos. While the costs for hypertensive patient care are 19 thousand 757 pesos per patient per month. From January to June 2010, 2,772 deaths due to hypertensive disease occurred in the IMSS. Given this panorama, the Mexican College of Internal Medicine (CMIM), one of the most prestigious medical organizations in Mexico, states: "We are joining efforts to the current initiatives in obesity , promoting continuing education programs in the medical community, in order to provide the necessary tools and prevent diseases that may arise from this disease.

"From February 19 to March 12 we will be teaching Saturday courses with the theme How to act before the epidemiological emergency of obesity ?, in the auditorium of the Congress Unit of the Siglo XXI Medical Center", with this we are contributing to fight obesity with knowledge, and have the necessary tools in the management of it, "said Dr. Victor Hugo Córdova Pluma, President of CMIM Cordova doctor, states that the two main factors associated with excess weight and obesity are the sedentary lifestyle and excess ingestion of hypercaloric foods , rich in fats Y sugars , but with few vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

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